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I feel content knowing I have a will in place. Onlinewillwriter made it so simple.

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The question process was laid out in a way that made it quick to create my will.

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What is a will?

A will is a legal document made by yourself stating who is to inherit your belongings and assets when you die, your will also states who is responsible for distributing it.

Will my will be legal?

A will written using this website is 100% legal under the laws of England, Wales and Scotland. If you follow our easy signing process (for which you will receive detailed instructions) then your Will will be just as legal as if a solicitor had signed it.

What happens if I don’t have a will?

If you die without holding a correct and valid will then your possessions and estate will be divided up by the government meaning that it is highly unlikely that any possessions will go to the people that you want them to, this stems from sums of money to even selecting guardians for children aged under 18.

Don’t I need a solicitor?

You don’t need a solicitor to make a will. The part that makes a will legal is the signing and witnessing process (all details of this are included when purchasing a will.)

Can I write my own will?

Yes you can write your own will but this is a very risky process, because you need to know how to word the will to make sure information included in the will is correct to make it valid. Writing your own will could cause problems if the will is contested when you die and you are no longer around to sort things out. Putting these problems right after you have gone could cost your family members a substantial amount on money, not to mention the stress.

Is there any reason why I cannot make a will?

You can make a will if you are over 18, of a sound mind and agree with everything that is contained within the will.

You cannot make a will if any of the following apply:

  • You are under 18
  • You do not understand the extent of your estate
  • You do not understand what is contained in your will
  • If you do not understand what people should be included in your will

Will my family have to pay inheritance tax?

Possibly, the simple answer is that the first £325,000 (‘the Nil Rate Band’) of your estate will pass free of inheritance tax. The remainder will be taxed at 40%.

How long is my will valid for?

A will written by us will be valid until it is revoked (cancelled).

A Will will be revoked in the following ways:

  • If you get married the law automatically revokes your will, if you do get married you need to print your will again using your new married name/address.
  • If you re-write your will ( all wills are revoked by new ones under English and Welsh law).
  • If you intentionally destroy your will.

Note that if your Will has not been revoked but it cannot be found then you will still be deemed to have died without a Will (i.e. ‘intestate’).

Can somebody write a will for me?

Yes. Anybody can use this site to write your will as long as you agree with the contents of the will.

In what country is my will valid?

A will made using this site is valid in England, Wales and Scotland only.

It is not guaranteed to be valid for immovable assets (i.e. property) in Northern Ireland, Eire, The Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man