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Online WillWriter are now providing a Living Will Service

What are Living Wills?

A Living Will is also known as an Advance Decision. You can use a Living Will to indicate your wish to refuse all or some forms of medical treatment if you lose mental capacity in the future, however you can’t use it to request treatment.

A valid Living Will has the same effect as a refusal of treatment by a person with capacity: the treatment cannot lawfully be given – if it were, the doctor may face civil liability or criminal prosecution.

Does a Living Will have to be in writing?

A Living Will doesn’t all have to be in writing. However, although witnessed verbal instructions may be respected, it’s best to make them known to a senior member of a medical team. A written decision helps to avoid any doubt about what you wish to refuse.

How do I purchase a Living Will?

Simply visit the contact page and send us an enquiry including your contact details requesting more information on Living Wills.

We then will E-mail you everything you need to know about Living Wills and there is no commitment to buy

Once you return your information we will provide draft copies by email until you approve a final draft we will then write your Living Will for you it will be printed, bound and delivered all for just £14.95.

If you are interested please visit the contact page to submit your enquiry and remember enquiring is free!